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Delivering 99.999% uptime for your network you can’t connect, everything stops. Plait bonds the bandwidth of multiple connections to increase your internet speed and reliability. Keep your critical applications running through outages and congestion with our high availability solution.

Why Plait

With organizations across industries moving to cloud-based and SaaS systems, reliable internet connectivity is a priority.

Plait offers a unique technology – bonded internet – that keeps your business connected even if a line fails. Our simple, easy to deploy solution solves your biggest headache: slow and unpredictable internet. We combine DSL, LTE, fiber, wireless, and cable connections to amp up your speed, and ensure you have little or no downtime.

Combining Networks

You can combine unlimited networks to scale to your organization's exact need.

Plait keeps you connected even under heavy traffic, eliminating outage costs, increasing productivity, and reducing employee and customer frustration.

Combining Speeds

By choosing the most reliable solution, you guarantee more uptime and speed.

Plait: 90%+ throughput
Competition: 70-80% throughput

Plait delivers more aggregated throughput than any of our competitors.

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